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Kibosho Institute of Health and Allied Sciences (KIBIHAS) with over two decades experience and expertise in running health-based training programs at the mid-level education (diploma), and operates under the board of trustees of the Catholic Diocese of Moshi (CDM). KIBIHAS primarily operated as St. Camillus, was initiated by the late Sr. Dr.  Hendrica, the former medical officer in charge of Kibosho Hospital. It was then inaugurated on December 11th, 2000, by the late Rev. Amedeus Msarikie, the first Bishop of Catholic Dioceses of Moshi. In February 2007, it changed its name to Kibosho School of Nursing after being granted complete registration (REG/HAS/029) and full accreditation to run the Nursing and Midwifery program. The institute is located in the Mt. Kilimanjaro slopes in Moshi Rural District, Sungu village, eastern part of the Kibosho Ward, about 14.6 kilometers from Moshi town in the Kilimanjaro Region, northern Tanzania. The road to the institution goes through vast banana plantations and zigzags along the steep slopes of the mountain. It is a 25-minute drive way from Moshi Town, and 60 minutes from the Kilimanjaro International Airport.

In the scope to re-fine the institution position and operations, nursing and midwifery program has been succeedingly leveraged by various programs including community health workers, clinical dentistry, diagnostic radiography etc. KIBIHAS is entrenched in enriching programs that are scarce and potential in the health sector as well as by regarding the needs of the community and society at large. The target being to diversify programs offered in the middle-level and higher education level in the future. The institute incorporate Competence Based Education Training (CBET) by imparting dexterities and active participations to equip our graduates with proper knowledge and skills.

Our Aim


The overall objective is to support the institution and Diocese to produce highly qualified and competent healthcare personnel with practical and theoretical perspectives prepared from conducive learning environments.

Our Mission


To establish a conducive and sustainable training environment that will allow graduates to perform competently at their appropriate levels and aspire for the attainment of higher knowledge, skills, and attitudes in promoting health, preventing diseases, and caring for the sick as well as rehabilitating the debilitated individuals in all settings

Our Visions


To be the leading institution to generate highly qualified and competent health personnel providing health services and coping with technological changes and global emerging health issues.

Our Motto


Train to care and cure” is the institute leading motto, implying that as the teaching institution, we should focus on training health personnel who will serve to relieve suffering and cure diseases of those in need. 

Institutional core values


Professionalism, integrity, impartiality, accountability, team work, timely delivery, client focus, transparency, courtesy, value for money, etiquette, and confidentiality are the core values and principles that guide KIBIHAS, individual staff and students’ behaviors in performing its mandate, while thriving to attain its vision and fulfill its mission in providing services:

Our departments

Nursing and Midwifery Department

The nursing and midwifery department oversee and supervise all nursing-based training programs including community health workers program, and nursing and midwifery program under the Head of Nursing Department as its supervisory body.

Clinical Dentistry Department

The clinical department oversee and supervise various trainings in clinical dentistry and dental laboratory technology under the Head of Clinical Dentistry Department as its supervisory body.

Radiology Department

The radiology department oversee and supervise diagnostic radiography trainings. It is headed by the Head of Radiology Department.

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