Upgrading Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery


  3,505,000 TZS

Institute Fees: 1,600,000 TZS
Other cost:
485,000 TZS

Language: English
Study Type: Undergraduate
Level: Diploma
Modes: Full Time
Intakes: September


The program is geared towards producing innovative, creative and flexible nurses and midwives who will cope with the dynamic changes of the profession, technology and socio-economic needs. The goal being to improve the overall quality of health care delivery through competently trained nurses and midwives who are confident, dynamic, well informed, with moral integrity and able to work flexibly in different contexts in meeting the demands of the society. Graduates at this level are expected that the graduates from this level will have aspirations to pursue higher qualifications in nursing profession and translates their beliefs into practice.

What you’ll study !
Semester 1

  •  Care of A Woman with Abnormal Pregnancy, Labor and Puerperium – NMT 06101
  •  Care of A Woman with Obstetric Emergency Conditions – NMT 06102
  •  Care of Newborns with Abnormal Conditions – NMT 06103
  •  Supervision In Nursing and Midwifery Practices – NMT 06104
  •  Basics of Epidemiology and Biostatistics – NMT 06105
  •  Fundamentals of Research – NMT 06106
Semester 2

  •  Care of Patient with Medical Conditions – NMT 06207
  •  Care of Patients with Tumors and Cancer – NMT 06208
  •  Care of Patients with Surgical Condition – NMT 06209
  •  Care of Patients with Reproductive Surgical Conditions – NMT 06210
  •  Mental Health Nursing – NMT 06211

Entry Requirements

NTA Level 05 (1 Year Programme)

Holder of Technician Certificate (NTA lev-el 5) in Nursing with “D” pass in Biology, Chemistry or Physics (CSEE) for the gradu-ates starting from 2010. 

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